DVR K8000 With HD Night Vision

DVR K8000 is the latest Full HD 1080 p high-definition vehicle traveling data recorder HD product, using the world’s top dual core processing chip, ensure no leakage seconds permanently. Set the maximum of 10 minutes, after a long loop video don’t leak after seconds, low-end recorder product set for a period of 10 minutes, however, loop video leakage seconds would happen soon. K8000 also has a G – sensor collision induced save function + HOLD a key save function, when the vehicle collision, the G sensor function start, to save video for cannot delete files automatically.

We often heard full HD, but what is it? Full HD is short for Full High Definition. It means the physical resolution is up to 1920*1080, including 1080i and 1080P, and 1080P is better than 1080i. So, Full HD 1080P is the highest high definition format in present. And DVR K8000 is using this highest definition format to ensure the high quality display effect. Besides, K8000 also can 4 times upgrade and 8 times auto focus. With the 4 times digital scaling and zooming function, at the same time in video or take pictures, can easily adjust the zoom dip, maximum 4 times digital display, capturing the most focus, improve the convenience of using it. 1080 p high-definition real record, adjust camera position, but never change inherent of DVR K8000 HDMI hd output.DVR K8000

Through special intelligent recognition mutation video accelerometer, brakes, for example, K8000 will automatically keep the first 20 seconds of video of the accident to delete files. Piano lacquer that bake technology on shell of DVR K8000, comparable body multiple UV craft, combined with PC + ABS engineering material perfect collocation, tactility moist and smooth, and has certain scratch-resistant flowers characteristics. Burdensome feeling of abandoned the previous projection buttons, button and fuselage together, make K8000 feel better.

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