DVR K6000 Review Tell You To Choose A Suitable Car DVR

When the traffic accident occurs, there are will be various of statement, no leak of pass the buck and blackmail in it. If unable to refute the evidence presented, only can draw the situation by the scene of action and two sides statement. In this time, if you have a car DVR, then not only can clear the responsibility, and also can help the traffic police to solve it quickly, restore the smooth traffic earlier. Now, DVR K6000 Review tell you how to choose a suitable and good car DVR.
DVR K6000There are some main functions of car DVR. Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the driver, for many people across the road and ride a bicycle, a motorcycle scurrying about in the road, one thousand, and they had a bruised, is likely to be blackmail, if a vehicle traveling data recorder, the driver can provide effective evidence for himself. Put an end to defraud insurance behavior, many traffic accidents are caused by violation, after installed the product, 20 seconds before and after the accident scenarios can clear representation, completely put an end to create false scene of insurance behavior. DVR K6000 Review use the exclusive HD-CODE hardware decode technology, can no leak seconds for loop video. When parking can record 200 hours of uninterrupted video information, if a malicious scratching the car’s behavior, the products can be recorded.
DVR K6000 Review is easy to install . It can rotate the screen 180 degrees, can place it in multi position. The shoot angle of it enough wide, is advantageous to the comprehensive record vehicles surrounding circumstances. Besides, it also has a nice night vision. It has plenty of storage space, can realize effective video for a long period of time. You also can use it to record the interesting and beautiful scenery in your driving.

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