DVR K6000 Monitor For You All Day

DVR K6000 is a kind of car DVR that with fashion looking and practic complete functions. it can record image and video by start the engine, through the photographic lens to totally record the image and voice during driving. When the accident occurs, it can provide the evidence in the frist time, to guarantee the driver self entitlement.

DVR K6000 has a small finger with 8.8 cm*5.3 cm*1.6cm, small as a matchbox, surround by an unique piano lacquer that bake texture shell. It uses the market the highest specifications of the dynamic Full HD 1080 p high-definition video, build in a 5.0 mp high definition photographic lens, the video resolution is up to 1920*1080. It is the original lens from Taiwan, it can four times digital zoom, make no any dead angle in recording.DVR K6000

The same as the other DVR, DVR K6000 also has these functions. Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the driver, for many people across the road and ride a bicycle, a motorcycle scurrying about in the road, one thousand, and they had a bruised, is likely to be blackmail, if a vehicle traveling data recorder, the driver can provide effective evidence for himself. Put an end to defraud insurance behavior, many traffic accidents are caused by violation, after installed the product, 20 seconds before and after the accident scenarios can clear representation, completely put an end to create false scene of insurance behavior. DVR K6000 has motion detecting video function, convenient your monitoring purposes. When the camera detects worldwide effective will start the video moving objects, images will stop video still no change. It is sensitive for camera motion object, even in the evening can clearly.

Accident, always inadvertently occur. Do you often meet with the phenomenon of vehicles were scratching? Let DVR K6000 monitor for all day.

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