DVR K6000, An Amazing Matchbox

DVR K6000 DVR K6000 is a kind of full HD night vision car DVR. It has a small finger with 8.8 cm*5.3 cm*1.6cm, small as a matchbox. Not in place, do not affect the vision of driving.

It has an unique piano lacquer that bake texture appearance. With a 5.0 mp high sensitive low illumination cameras, the video resolution is high reach to 1920*1080. Adopt the global top dual-core processing chip, and the exclusive HD-CODE hardware loop video decoding technology and low speed card must not leak seconds. DVR K6000 equipped with 2.7 Inch TFT Screen, the 140 degree High Resolution A+ Wide Angle Lens can give you high definition and more complete video no matter day or night. It is a special function that with functions of G – sensor collision induced save + HOLD a key to save. When the vehicle collision, G-sensor function start, video will automatically save for cannot delete file. When an emergency occurs, can also press the HOLD button, is this video will be saved as do not delete files. Its Built-in microphone/speaker will report you the actual condition of the traffic anytime. In addition, it can flip shot, this unique function that screen can rotate 180 degrees, switch can all-sides recorder was laid. By the way, DVR K6000 has a hold function, even even on a bump road it also OK because of it.
best DVR K6000
In the other side, in generally, car DVR as long as you connect the power supply, car usually has the automatic start function. Don’t look down upon this an automatic start function, in fact it is very necessary. Because you are likely to be because it is a repeated action is too lazy to open or forget open and lead to loss of the record of such a very useful car DVR is useless.

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