DVR HT200A Meet Your Demand

DVR HT200A looks quite like a shark. However it is not dangerous but a very good companion with you for underwater activity. It can help you record HD videos or take photos while you are underwater. Water-proof feature makes it possible to work underwater up to 30 meters. With high-definition camera lens and low light level sensitivity, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the deep blue ocean with such a good underwater companion.

There are several features of DVR HT200A, it has water-proof function, be able to work underwater 30 meters. It can separate video and picture-taking feature, meet your different shooting demand. The replaceable lithium battery for long lifespan, safe and convenient. HT200A with a portable body and alternative fashionable color. Equipped with 2.0 megapixels high-definition lens, low light level sensitivity, then you no need to worried about the light is not enough under the water. Compared with the traditional camera, higher resolution, the resolution of DVR HT200A is up to 1920*1080, shot number 25/30 FPS, fast moving camera without ghosting. At the same time, also can be transferred into 1280*720 resolution or 15 FPS, to shoot for a longer time.DVR HT200A

In the flip side, if you think it is very inconvenience that you need to doing sport and hold the DVR at the same time. It is guarantee to said that you can no need to think about this problem any more when you had a DVR HT200A. Distribution of various bandages and bracket, can be fixed on the helmet, bicycle on the front of superior, arm, wrist and outdoor travel, or watch the game, video easily.

DVR HT200A set waterproof shockproof, high-definition, high speed and high capacity storage, audio and video synchronization video, computer/TV, etc as a whole, completely different cameras, thorough liberation hands, for the interest of the development of outdoor sports people sports waterproof camera.

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