DVR HT10 Catch The Brilliant Moment For You

DVR HT10, this ruggedized waterproof helmet DVR is the way suitable for all the outdoor sports, even extreme sport, is the best way for you to catch and review every exciting moment.

DVR HT10 adopted 1.4 million pixels wide Angle lens, allows the aperture than usual F2.0 aperture lens into double the amount of light, a sharp rise in the nighttime image sensitivity, even at night in dark province environment image can clearly present. Using automatic aperture operation technology, whether it is day or night, and automatically according to the scene environment, present the best image effect surface to avoid the problem of video image during the day or night. Its resolution is reach to 1280*720, clear record the process you have been through, you also can connect the television of computer by HDMI spot to review the funny moment. DVR HT10 use of h. 264 compression format, not fantasy seconds video, users can set time according to the demand. Extreme sports demand extremely durable despite the small size, DVR HT10 with a light and small body definitely can convenience you to do any sport and go any where, by the way, it is complete waterproof, no need to worry about the bad weather. Using the attached radio back cover, besides can maintain radio effect, also can prevent water. Using waterproof design, it can avoid when used in relatively low temperature environment to the problem of fog, even in surfing, skiing, diving and so on related movement can also be produced under perfect film.DVR HT10

Expect to use in sport, DVR HT10 also can be use in car as a automobile data recorder. Equipped with multiple tripod, you can install anywhere you feel suitable. Firmly installed one of the most important, to get a perfect lens Angle, so that you can get what you want the perfect picture.

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