DVR H9,You Worth It

Vehicle traveling data recorder getting popular, each big television station reported. Through DVR H9 can record the whole process of the accident, help accident responsibility identification, let accident liability be clear at a glance. No need to because their car was strange face a dilemma to the traffic police, it lets the traffic police forensics effectively, let you avoid from for wronged maintenance.

Now on the market, the car DVRs with various of types, enough to makes people be dazzled. As one of the outstanding in it, DVR H9 has seven main advantages that other can not reached. Using a 2.4 -inch screen design, when the accident happened, can real-time broadcast on the spot, to restore the truth, the real-time playback function is very suitable for you who own cars, you can opened the video in the travel on the road, the road driving will be safer. DVR H9 equipped with a 270 degrees HD super wide Angle lens, 5 million real and effective pixels, and the real 1080 p high-definition resolution, effective pixels of 1920 * 1080. It is amazing that the screen can rotate 270 degrees, don’t have to worry about perspective, convenient and intuitive, the integration of the design will not occupy space. Beside the camera Settings have an infrared flash, at night or under the condition of poor light, infrared lamp will automatically open.DVR H9

DVR H9 supports a variety of language switching functions, with simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Russian and other nine languages switching function to choose from. In addition, you can adjust section to save time, after the expiration of the SD memory card, automatically deleted the video before the earliest one to cover the old video, automatic circulating video, let you don’t have to worry about SD card to store the full but can’t shoot. DVR H9 uses removable lithium batteries to prevent aging after cannot be replaced, safe and long battery life.

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