DVR H701 With The High-End Blue Light Screen

Now, when we purchase something, we will hope that thing will have the complete function, then we can leave out too much stuff around with us. DVR H701 is a latest new car DVR, compare with other DVRs, it has the relative complete function, makes it popular in the car owners.

DVR H701 is the frist DVR with multi-function in the world, with 4.3 inch ultra-thin hd display, rear view mirror bent pipe, fine screen is a vehicle traveling data recorder, screen saver is a rear view mirror, boot automatically video. The large 4.3 -inch high-definition blue-ray screen, bring you the impact of visual enjoyment, using physical optics antiglare finish black lens, reflective absorption after car, not dazzling, but safe driving. H701 built in the front and rear dual lens, supports video rear view system. The front cam is 12.0 MP and the rear cam is 5.0 MP, supports back off the car safety, with double guarantee for the safe driving. DVR H701 has automatic exposure compensation function, makes the recorder to see more clearly. This function, let you have a clear and fine night video effect, press OK button for 2 seconds video mode switch to night mode, automatic induction environment to open the night light function.DVR H701

The built-in super wide Angle lens, broad vision, panoramic view of the up and down or so, reduce the blind spot, made the car in front of the shooting without dead Angle. Its 130° wide-angle infrared night vision, can easily, no blind spots. In addition, DVR H701 uses the Taiwan import processing chip, automatic cycle cover video, strong chip configuration every second, not seconds, leakage after the memory card full automatically from the first video coverage, ensure the records in a card is the latest movie, don’t have to worry about the card is full. The advanced motion detecting video function, if anyone enter the monitor screen will automatically start the video, no need to press any key, the function to save storage space, also can save power, let every video is a wonderful picture.

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