DVR H602, A Magical DVR You Can Not See

Now, more and more car owners start to use car DVR, and the types of car DVR are also getting more and more. No matter what change of DVR getting, it is install on the windshield, but some of them will be a little obstruct the view or not aesthetic enough. DVR H602 is a magical DVR, you even can not realize it is there if you are careless. It definitely can solve these problems for you.

DVR H602 is a kind of rear view mirror car DVR. Rear view mirror function and DVR in one, install the DVR on the rear view mirror with the hidden well. In the original car appearance, and does not affect the car clean, do not drive block line of sight, make driving safer. Screen saver closed route record function can use when the rear view mirror, screen and watch the video of driving could be recorded. With a 2.7 inch high bright screen, DVR H602 support HDMI hd quality output, more convenient, give you high quality experience. Using HD wide Angle lens, 140 – degree wide Angle lens closest to the human eye vision, experience the real distance, ultra wide Angle, can effectively avoid the blind Angle. In case of emergency, H602 supports a key force to save, just press the lock key, video automatically lock to ensure that the video is not lost, a key save the evidence at the scene.DVR H602

In addition, DVR H602 uses the first method, pioneering the development of fusion card buckle and expansion rubber nondestructive dense package type closely. Card buckle innovative use of stickers and strong toughness of advanced rubber quality, which is the card buckle flexible closed tight and intact the original car rear view mirror, and the hardness of the iron and hard, the snap ring is made of high scalability rubber quality, like a car tire is a good combination of scaling and durable.

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