DVR GS8000 Pro With Video HD Output

DVR GS8000 Pro has 256 m large cache, memory 256 MHZ high performance CPU, fastest 60 frames per second of video. With 170 degrees is extremely wide, is the first have true optical 5 million pixels, Not only support the traditional AV OUT, also support the popular now two HDMI video output interface, can be anywhere, anytime in any video equipment on the beautiful scenery along the way.

With the 5.0 MP 1080 p HD car DVR with 1080 degree ultra wide view Angle captures high definition video and displays it on its 2.7 inch TFT LCD Screen. DVR GS8000 Pro has the Powerful document protection, video will be intact, even if a power failure or machine failure occurred in the recording, seamless continuous recording, it will not miss any data. GS8000 Pro equipped with 4 strong infrared night-vision light, too much power to put an end to infrared lamp burn out lens light-sensitive chips. Technology based on the unique infrared lamp collocation for DVR GS8000 Pro, according to the light sensor chip affordability, to coincide with the selected number of infrared lamp and power, to ensure that even in a hot summer night, light-sensitive chips is not due to excessive accumulation of energy cost screen of fault.DVR GS8000 Pro
DVR GS8000 Pro is easy to carry because of its small figure, combined with the present production technology, sophisticated circuit for the first time in the same specification, same function product shrinkage 50%, the miracle of a 30% reduction in weight, its outstanding performance similar to digital cameras and video camera.

Set photos and videos in one, the color and visibility of DVR GS8000 Pro can be control freely, screen saver, sound recording, regular shutdown also can be set at random. And the built in real-time view system is convenience you to watch the photos and video anytime and anywhere.

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