DVR F30 Show You The Different Quality

There are many car DVR in the current market looks the same, so, DVR F30 also has the possibility to have a twins bothers. But, the same appearance does mens they will have the same quality, good quality is the last word. Only the goog quality can bring the sense of safety to users. DVR F30 had passed the FCC, CE & ROHS certification authority in accordance with recommended, such as customers with security guarantees.

F30 has a unique intelligent pronunciation, the reality of China, Russia, Britain has a number of exclusive patent. Set SOS emergency button, when meet emergency press the SOS button, it will automatically save 2 section of the file at the time of the accident forced into do not delete files. DVR F30 can quickly switch night shot mode, if had had to switch to the night can effectively improve the image problems, see the license plate. Unique design of wide-angle lens with telescopic lens close two-way photography is no longer a simple decoration and increase the photography Angle as simple as that. As many as eight infrared night-vision light, super night vision effect.DVR F30

DVR F30 has motion detecting function, can be arbitrarily set, but the setting is completed, it can only be in the designated area scenes, not according to the needs of detection work, will be moved at any time. Motion detecting video can reduce the cost of artificial monitoring places of public institutions and enterprises, and avoid long-term unattended supervisory errors caused by fatigue, can greatly improve the efficiency of monitoring and monitoring precision. DVR F30 built-in the G sensor, in the vehicle collision or emergency braking, automatic locking for cannot delete the video, save the important file for you.

DVR F30 is easy to operate and install, install on the windshield will not obstruct the view.


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