DVR F28 Enrich Your Daily Life

DVR F28 adopts high performance chip, high definition video, dynamic picture of strong continuity, image support AVI video format, and clear photo. Used the unique ultra portable design, make it can be applied in various fields, to bring you convenience, safety, rich and colorful daily life.

DVR F28 adopts imported high-definition camera, support HD720P hd, maximum support 60 frames per second. More suited to tell sports shooting, the picture clearer, smoother. The 1.5 inch screen has a clear high definition display, on the whole appearance, just a few buttons, easy to operating. With the waterproof case, can work underwater deep to 10 meter, it is the highest level for waterproof, suitable for all kinds of water sports.

In addition to use as sport DVR, DVR F28 also can use as a car DVR, with the delicate head bandage, you can settle it on the helmet, then you can release both of your hands to do the sports you like. With the pedestal, then you can install F28 in the casual position you like in your car. You even can install DVR F28 on your bike with the support, then you can take it go to anywhere anytime.DVR F28

F28 has the powerful document protection, video will be intact, even if a power failure or machine failure occurred in the recording, seamless continuous recording, it will not miss any data. What’s more, DVR F28 also has GPS & G-sensor function, motion dection and delay turn off function. Equip with special suction cup holder, can rotate 360 degree, and easy to fix and use. Built-in high-speed video compression processing chip, cigarette lighter is powered on or start the video and power outages will automatically save and turn it off, even in high speed vehicle, the picture is still very smooth, no leakage seconds.

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