DVR D6 With High Definition Night Vision

As a car owner, we all know we need to pay attention to the road safety then we will get a car DVR for ourselves. DVR D6 can be used to record the whole process of emergency and effectively record the behavior of highway black hand, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the driver, provide strong legal evidence, can be used as a household life fun filming DV or used as a home monitoring, at ordinary times can also be used as a parking monitor. Along with these common characteristics like other car DVRs, DVR D6 also has something charming.
D6Its main control chip uses Taiwan imported chip, the hardware platform is superior, stable performance, strong anti-jamming capability, high-definition can achieve HD720P. Be different from the easy aging of plastic lens, DVR D6 uses import military grade 6 layer glass wide-angle lens, high temperature resistant, can work for a long time to not fuzzy. Its good sharpness, the use of ultra low power cooling technology, can guarantee at 70 C to work long hours, battery USES the imported explosion-proof polymer battery.
In addition, DVR D6 has core functions, built-in power protection hardware, prevent voltage in exceptional cases, explosion or due to the high temperature damage the core board. When the car collision or vibrates, gravity sensing system will automatically lock and maintain when video, don’t be overwritten, will not be deleted. The lens angle of DVR D6 can reach 140°,and the ordinary just 90°. The ultra wide Angle can effectively avoid blind Angle. It uses 12 million pixels, the market’s first full hd 1080 p, the only real WDR wide dynamic technology on the market, as clear night.
In addition, the interior temperature in summer is as high as 60°C to 70°C , considering the use environment, DVR D6 adopts the explosion-proof battery, more resistant to high temperature, more secure.

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