DVR D008 Is Very Popular

DVR D008 is on market demand to launch an ultra small waterproof type high quality digital video camera, it has the leading pack of high-quality digital audio and video, photograph, high-speed USB data transfer USB charging, a TV/HDMI, and other functions. It has a super small volume, convenient to carry, and 140 – degree wide Angle 5 million pixels high definition shooting depth of waterproof, provide waterproof waterproof casing, convenient you wonderful water sports, waterproof casing can waterproof 80 meters deep. The built-in lithium battery, charge while video function. Support high capacity micro SD card. A TV/HDMI interface, can be directly connected to the high-definition television.DVR D008

DVR D008 comes with 12 million HD wide Angle lens, have a HDMI hd output function and the road to my camera function. Highest support 32 GB memory card, a variety of video recording format. It supports 32GB external Micro SD card, records of MOV format, but there are all kinds of the modes, whether single or automatic pat is not a problem. And it provides a few kinds of color for your choice, and compatible with android and IOS applications. Be worth what carry is, to enable wireless network, can realize remote operation through the phone. DVR D008 has wi-fi and all accessories used surfing, driving, mountain biking, skiing and other outdoor activities.

DVR D008 has super small volume and integration design, easy for your anytime and anywhere to capture and outdoor sports scene, at the same time, the dynamic photography can clearly record all kinds of activities, using a wide range, suitable vehicle records, outdoor sports, family security, waterproof, 80 m, this three habitat mini DV for land, sea and air, no matter you are in the bottom of the sea, or ski on the snow mountain, the water surfing, outdoor play, climbing bicycles, motorcycles, off-road, cars, parachuting, day and night can enjoy anytime and anywhere, can record life, indispensable to the deep exploration record tool!

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