DVR CM-9 Is A Portable Camcorder

DVR CM-9 is a high-performance high-definition digital video recorder, this machine adopts MPEG-4 video compression technology, single channel definition is as high as the D1 (704 x576) pixels, up to 30 FPS @ D1, is a true real-time, high-resolution, low power consumption, easy operation, subminiature professional digital video recorders. It supports motion detecting video. Timing video. Video. Booking full real time video, and other video mode. The machine’s biggest support 32 GB SD card, recorded video files stored in the SD card directly. Users can see at any time on TV, the monitor, can also be an SD card image files stored on the computer.

DVR CM-9 supports motion detecting shielding function, when the subject front of the DVR move, CM-9 will auto to record it and lock it as the file can not be delete. Timing video, video switch machine reservation, full real time video recording a variety of ways. With the G sensor system, in the event of an emergency or emergency braking, automatic locking important audio and video data will not be covered, ensure that important data is not lost. DVR CM-9 adopted the H. 264 video compression technology, this is after the MPEG4 out of a new generation of video compression technology, has a higher coding efficiency, high quality video images.DVR CM-9

In addition, DVR CM-9 has its own remote controller, you can control it in a long distance if you are not in the car. CM-9 can be the all-day monitor when your car parking. The most distinctive of CM-9 is power-off protection function, the built-in battery, the machine suddenly loses power, can protect are video file is not lost, fear of unexpected power outages. With DVR CM-9, also dare not illegal exercise of the driver, the accident rates dropped substantially, the car will be other vehicle camera down, traffic accident escape will greatly reduce.


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