DVR C600 Is The King For Cost Performance

Four kinds person need a car DVR. One is the person has the experience in accidence or without confident in driving. One is the person who just got driving license. Third is the elders. And the last one is the person who like record the process during the journey. DVR C600 is an ideal option for choose. Car DVR is the tool that mainly for proof shooting, so it definitely can not be compare with the professional DV.
DVR C600 (2)DVR C600 has the unique safe protection, unique power protection, with hardware, such as voltage protection when power too strong or abnormal, it will automatically disconnect At the time of temperature too high current is too large, also can automatic protection, so as not to burn C600. Its G-sensor can automatic induction and vehicle collision tilt, will automatically lock and save the video.
DVR C600 adopted the innovate technology to close to protect you. Based on the change of the force sensitive sensors’ auto focus, vehicle collision, was hitting the vehicle will be perception, the perception start software emergency video recording and locking, protect your rights and interests of law-abiding. In the process of moving and normal video, if it is found that dangerous or unexpected things, press the MODE system will set the lock when period of video, make sure that is not covered by cycle safeguard the rights and interests of you, please choose DVR C600. The third intimate protection is the power protection. Power protection is machine has overload protection hardware such as voltage, strong in the power supply or abnormal, the machine will automatically power, effectively avoid machine, overflowing power protection is the guardian of the security and protection valve.
DVR C600 is set various functions in one, and the price is not high, so it is called the king for cost performance is well-deserved.

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