DVR BL580 With The Quality Of Military

DVR BL580 is the latest version, adopted the high-end NT96650 main chip, the processor performance had exceed A5, using Micron 0331 CMOS, equipped with F1.6 big lens, it absolutely can be called the supreme configuration, no matter day or night, it also can keep outstanding performing.

DVR BL580 adopted a 170 degree ultra wide angle lens, cover a large view Angle, can take the road on both sides of the vehicle ahead and panoramic view of the details. Surprise is that BL580 can achieve high quality full hd 1080 p. Resolution to achieve the real FULL HD 1920 * 1080 p, this is the DVR industry can achieve the best resolution. DVR BL580 has a unique sports car streamline modeling, the original design concept, to the sports car into elements to the vehicle traveling data recorder, car streamline modeling on the whole, smooth and clever. Surface is strong military line, the outline of delicate texture, dynamic, overall the beauty is generous.DVR BL580

WDR wide dynamic technique is to be able to automatically correct image wide dynamic range of a technology, DVR BL580 adopts the technology, even in the harsh light conditions, can also capture the clear lifelike images, not because of the shadow, dazzle light, dark and reflecting light and make the image or be destroyed . 12 million static pixel can satisfy you take interest, plus ultra wide Angle of 170 degrees, DV for movement and is suitable for taking pictures. DVR BL580 carries the latest gravity sensing technology, when the induction to the emergency brake or collision, immediately start the automatic video, and force keep records of the process of accident, will not be overwritten by loop video. With 170 degrees of ultra wide Angle and a 2.7 -inch color LCD screen, perfect and clear record images before and after the accident, easily find out the truth and responsibility.

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