DVR BL330, Travel Light Coming

DVR BL330 is the latest upgrade version with the strongest high definition night visual ability. It set the thinnest body, aluminum frame and ultra strong night vision such multi characteristics in one.

With aluminum alloy material as shell, aluminum alloy gloss is strong, the surface of the metal grinding, no fingerprints, simple sense is superior. The appearance of smooth, make DVR BL330 looks beautiful, delicate and noble. Aluminum alloy is a kind of non-ferrous metal structural materials, because of its good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, widely applied to aviation, aerospace, automotive, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding and chemical industries. Good thermal conductivity on DVR can greatly improve the heat dissipation, DVR BL330 internal temperature is constant, not crash, prolong service life.

BL330 is called the thin king night vision, thin refers to its just 9 mm thickness body. In other side, the night vision of DVR BL330 is depend on its core resolution, lens, besides, the WDR also play an important role in it. It uses a top solution chip NTK96650, data processing ability, not crash, night vision function is strong. WDR wide dynamic technology is automatically reset wide dynamic range of an image technology, that is to say, even in the harsh light conditions, can also capture the clear image lifelike, also won’t because of the shadow, dazzle light, dark and reflecting light and make the image or be destroyed.DVR BL330

In addition, DVR BL330 uses 170 degrees of super wide Angle lens, covering large feed wild Angle, can put the car AB beams into the shooting range panoramic view of the preceding vehicles and roads on both sides of the details, do real security.

Own memory in the DVR, at present is less in the industry Because many scheme does not support this feature, but DVR BL330 did it, the advantage of the built-in memory is that can temporarily store file, when the memory card doesn’t work can temporarily save the data is not lost.

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