DVR Battery SJ1000 Is Dedicated For DVR SJ1000

DVR SJ1000 is HD digital video camera, easy for your anytime and anywhere to capture and outdoor sports scene, at the same time, the dynamic photography can clearly record all kinds of activities, using a wide range, is a vehicle records, outdoor sports, family security, deep-water exploration tools indispensable records. Such a useful DVR should match a dedicated battery, DVR battery SJ1000 to make sure the DVR will not outage in using.

Because of high energy density, high open circuit voltage, the output power is big, no memory effect, low self discharge, wide working temperature range, fast charge and discharge, therefore, lithium ion batteries are widely used in consumer electronics products, military products, aviation products, etc. DVR battery SJ1000 is the lithium battery with the voltage for 3.7 V and the storage for 1110 mAh. Using functional coatings for surface treatment of battery conductive substrate is a breakthrough of technical innovation, coated carbon foil/copper foil is to spread good nano conductive graphite and carbon coated particles, fine and uniform coating on aluminum foil/copper foil. DVR battery SJ1000 can provide excellent static conductivity, collect micro electric current of active material, which can greatly reduce the positive/negative material between the collector and contact resistance, and can improve the adhesive ability between the two, can reduce the use amount of binder, thus makes the overall performance of the battery have a significant improvement.DVR battery SJ1000

Because DVR SJ1000 has waterproof function, and with a waterproof case, then can work underwater deep to 30 meter. So you can no need to worried about it will be affect if DVR battery SJ1000 get in touch with water in case. Besides, it is worth to be mention that DVR battery SJ1000 should be charge by the dedicated charger, and if it got something wrong, it must be settle in perspective than disassemble by self.

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