DVR AT81 Moved The Extraordinary You

Differ from the common car DVR, DVR AT8 not just a kind of car DVR, also a kind amazing sport DVR. It has a delicate and fashionable appearance design, high portability, easy convenience in various occasions.

DVR AT8 adopts the split type TFT screen, the fuselage and TFT LCD screen through professional interface connection, can be used according to different environment using free collocation, effectively change the equipment size and power consumption. The 1.5 -inch high-definition TFT LCD screen, making the image information display more real, effective real-time calibration images to help you. DVR AT8 uses a 175 – degree super-wide design imitation of human eyes, beyond the scope of the Angle of the human eye, bring you shake the wide Angle camera experience. Common perspective is different from traditional camera, 175 degrees broader ultra wide Angle design of the image, the scene show more real natural, highlights the whole video, let you gain more wonderful.DVR AT8

DVR AT8 has waterproof, dustproof and shockproof function, used with waterproof shell, waterproof casing depth can reach 30 meters, whether snorkeling or surfing, you can be free, without bring you exercise with extreme experience. AT81 has the function of automatic focus, in an instant response, light and shade to restore the real quality. With low light make up effect, shooting effect is more clear, can realize the dynamic focusing, high-speed response, let the movement of the dynamic image more clear and fluent. DVR AT8 also has the cycle of original video function, automatically save every 15 minutes for a fragment, memory card pretty thick automatically segments of the front cover, make endless, save the most cool screen, deserve to go up as a DVR vehicle mounts. It supports video output, with live playback function, through the car display can query records the image content on the spot, support TV and computer playback at the same time.


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