DVR AT80, A Pair Of Special Glasses

DVR AT80 is a kind of sport DVR, it sets outdoor sport glasses, Ambarella program and waterproof function in one.

Ambarella the most high-end recorder scheme is the world’s top intelligence, the real FULL 1080 p, USES ARM11 processor, the CPU frequency up to 500 m, decoding speed is the first, industry is currently one of the most advanced processor. DVR AT80 uses a 120 – degree ultra wide Angle lens, FULL HD resolution 1920 * 1080P with 800M ultra clear picture pixel, photo color is more bright-colored, image clarity is not distortion. Its small size, light weight, easy installation, simple operation, is indispensable to sports enthusiasts sports equipment supplies. The design of AT80 is flexible, suitable for different face shape and taste the pursuit of people use, follow the trend. Built-in 750 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, carry mobile power at any time, can delay more video time, easily solve the problem of electricity shortage. DVR AT80 has a massive storage space, can support 32 GB extrapolation TF card.DVR AT80

There are some points need to attention when using. If children need to use it, need to use in under the guidance of adults. If the shape of the charger is not suitable for the power supply socket, please install the suitable charger plug the power adapter. About the battery, don’t crush the battery, do not let the battery by beating, falling or being trampled by such absurd or vibration. Do not use the damage or leakage of lithium ion batteries. When DVR AT80 not in use for a long time, please put the battery down. And the tips is that in order to ensure the quality of images, before filming, please check the lens if there were any dirt or fingerprints and use the lens cloth to wipe clean the lens.

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