DVR AT-69 Is The Best Partner For You

DVR AT-69 is fashion, elegant, waterproof humanized design with multi-function stent, allowing you to various conditions in the outdoor, achieve full Angle of the video or pictures. As an outdoor sport and divers, whether you want to record the sea beautiful scenery, are you still looking for a partner, can help you to record this memorable experience?

DVR AT-69 is specially designed for outdoor sports and divers waterproof DVR. The characteristics of its full HD and waterproof functions enables you to 10 meters underwater or outdoor various occasions for photo and video shooting.

In addition to be use in the aspect of sport, DVR AT-69 also can be in car monitor. With advanced technology, all-weather without intermittent monitoring, in the case of open detection, the camera inside certain limits the moving object will automatically, automatic open video, all-weather protect your car. DVR AT-69 adopted the H. 264 video compression technology, this is after the MPEG4 out of a new generation of video compression technology, has a higher coding efficiency, high quality video images. Under the condition of the same image quality, H. 264 compression ratio is 2 times more than MPEG-2, MPEG-4 is 1.5 ~ 2 times. Glass mirror lens with 6 layer, is by no means low end of the plastic lens, a 120 – degree wide Angle lens, has a wider sight, shoot everything in sight.DVR AT-69

In the other side, correct using DVR AT-69 can guarantee it can work better. Do not put the camera for a long time in wet or dusty environment, may cause the leakage cause fire. L do not use the camera for a long time under high temperature condition, such as exposure, may cause the camera shell and internal components damaged. L to maximize battery effect, it is recommended that you use in 0 to 40 degrees temperature. With DVR AT-69, you will not miss any see beauty. Is the perfect companion of your outdoor sports, underwater diving.

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