DVR A11, Detail Decides Success

DVR A11 is a kind of novel DVR with separate thread double lens. Glass mirror lens with 6 layer, is by no means low end of the plastic lens. 170 degrees to the super wide Angle lens can bring a panoramic view of the up and down or so, reduce the blind area, make the vehicle front shot without blind Angle. Built-in LED light light at night, with nearly burnt, a variety of scenarios compensation, exposure compensation function.

DVR A11 has advanced technology, all-weather without intermittent monitoring, in the case of open detection, the camera inside certain limits moving object will activate the machine, automatic open video, around the clock to protect your car. Built-in G – sensor accelerometer, at the time of meet an emergency, keep records automatically, locking important files, prevent secondary to data loss, a major collision automatic recording and saving the lock image. DVR A11 support 1080 p high-definition seamless loop video, without missing seconds, using h. 264 compression way to record images, H.264 is the new generation influence after MPEG4 compression technology, has a higher coding efficiency and high quality video images. Under the condition of the same image quality, h. 264 compression ratio is the MPEG – 2 more than double, 1.5 ~ 2 times that of MPGE – 4.DVR A11

In addition, DVR A11 also supports playback, when when you meet the emergency needs to obtain evidence can replay images on the spot. Filmed in driving process, the need of privacy protection, can easily be a button to turn off the tape. It is worth mentioning that DVR A11 also supports GPS trajectory input, can display speed, latitude and longitude, still can undertake satellite positioning. In general, DVR A11 is with cigarette lighter connection, but at the same time, it also can replace the battery in the built-in, in case the car emergency power, to ensure that the file storage.

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