DVR 6 IR Show You The Clear Night World

Car owners use car DVR for protect themselves in driving, but many car DVR can do the good job at night. DVR 6 IR uses a 2.4 inch CMOS sensor, rely on the built-in lithium, power supply or attached to the 12 v to 5 v car charger, can connect the computer playback copy files or charging, tape recording function, also don’t take, can be adjusted in the menu itself, with the function of night vision infrared, the 6x led design, even if taken at night, is also clear. LED lighting Gao Gan degrees fill light photography. If at the time of photography, the light is too strong, may create a movie file is white, 6 IR has the function of manual close or open the infrared.

DVR 6 IR supports h. 264 coding format to record, high compression ratio, image is clear. When time date function of watermark, video can be real-time display, easy to use, automatic detection operation power supply is connected. Equipped with 720 p hd super wide Angle lens, 720 w, real and effective pixels, 720 p hardware decoding scheme is valid up to 1280 * 720 pixels, 30 frames smooth high-definition filming. In addition, the screen can rotate 270 degrees, more convenient operation, no need to worry about the problem of perspective, convenient and intuitive and do not take up space.DVR 6 IR

DVR 6 IR adopts the design of Nokia BL4C batteries battery video to an hour or so. 6 IR also can be inserted into a cigarette while driving the boot, remove from heat will be immediately shut down, you can video while charging. The special things don’t design the new mini chuck bracket, put it after the host of the fixed, adjust the Angle of you want to shoot, started the car immediately turned on the video, is really quite simple and easy operation, the volume is also very lightweight, or disassembly are convenient to carry.

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