Dust Clean Glue For Car Air Outlet Vent

Have you ever found that it is inconvenient and difficult to clean the car outlet vent, dashboard, air conditioner rim, grille trim, especially some precision digital instruments? In this article, I will introduce a user-friendly product to you, the Dust Clean Glue. It has the solid body but it is useful and easy operation.

It is made of magical glue material and it contains the components of Disinfectants, preservatives, Boric acid, Methylbenzoate, and fragrance. It has been inspected by several authoritative institution so that it doesn’t hurt human skin, ensuring the safe use.

Dust Clean Glue

Although this high-tech cleaning compound is the solid type, it has a good ductility. As a result, it does not become soft even though you are kneading it, and it will not leave any glue stick in you hands. When you use it, it will pack the dust and absorb them that your hands will not be stained the dust and bacteria.

It can be used to clean car air outlet vent, dashboard, Air Conditioner, etc. And it fits for all cars, keyboard, home cleaner. Most importantly, it can be multiple recycling used. This feature shows the super value that you even have no need to clean it.

Dust Clean Glue


Material: Magical Glue
Color: Random Delivery
Weight: 80 Grams
Quantity: 1 piece
Fitment: Air Conditioner Rim, Switch Rim, Grille Trim, car air outlet vent, dashboard, interior & exterior decorating, etc.

To sum up, this Dust Clean Glue is practical and useful that it can pack and absorb the dust without any harm to the human skin. Recycling use shows its environmental friendly feature. It is the hot selling product at Banggood website, and it is sold at a price of $ 2.39 with a 28% off discount now. You should catch this good chance!

Dust Clean Glue

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