Dashboard DVR Camera Can Shoot Clear Even At Night

Dashboard DVR Camera is a hd night vision vehicle traveling data recorder, built-in 2.7 inch TFT LCD high-definition screen, support 1080 p, 140 degrees of super wide Angle shot, moving detection, lock key function such as video, super night vision, the built-in overload protection safe let your love car to promote the highest level of security, promote safe driving, reduce unnecessary spending.Dashboard DVR Camera

Dashboard DVR Camera has a super night vision effect, let you have clear and fine night video effect, recorder automatic induction environment open function of fill light at night. Equipped with 5.0 mp high definition camera, clear video traffic, support 1080 p resolution, maximum safety. It can cycle video, uses the super chip, can fully automatic continuous loop video, no leakage seconds. Built-in collision sensors, real-time triaxial three-dimensional detection vehicle collision state. Under the state of the video, induction to strongly object collision or swing automatically when open the G sensor locking, lock time synchronization of video segmentation, video of locked files will not be cover, so as to avoid losing important video data. It supports advanced mobile detection function, can effectively identify static images and dynamic images, filter the useless video information, thereby saving a lot of memory space. It built into the three axle load force sensor, sensitive feelings collide, the critical moment important images automatic latch, leave is a comprehensive video evidence.

In addition, Dashboard DVR Camera equipped with a 140 degrees of super wide Angle lens. It is worth to be mention that wide Angle is not the bigger the better, too wide Angle lens, although you can get more pictures, but easy to speak the edge image distortion, excessive deformation picture will decide the dispute caused by accident. This DVR has a delicate appearance, complete functions, safe and reliable.

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