In-Dash MP3 Player AUX Enrich Your Experience In Top Car Music Player

In-Dash MP3 Player AUX In the digital age is getting closer and closer to us today, In-Dash MP3 Player AUX also arises at the historic moment. It is a support from the CD and USB memory read music and recording and playing on-board music playback system. it is in principle by flash memory chips to store information, and then the decoding. Traditional CD/DVD is through the optical principle of photoelectric information on reading the disc to play, the theory of volume, capacity, stability, flash memory chips are optimal optical discs, especially dustproof and earthquake-resistant, advantage is very big, so the failure rate is much lower.

In-Dash MP3 Player AUX play can SD/USB/MMC, global group’s audio format music download follow one’s inclinations. Support extension mass storage devices (32 g). With electronic tuning radio function, automatic platform, platform support power of memory. Used the car rules requirements of digital display technology, dynamic spectrum, vivid and lifelike. A variety of EQ sound scene choice like jazz, rock, pop, classical. Six kinds of DSP digital sound control, High and low, the balance of the channel regulation. Using four channel, channel around separation. Passed multiple circuit protection test (overload, over voltage, short circuit).

Some people think this machine only suitable for low-grade car, truck installation, in particular, because it can more suitable for harsh environment, it is actually a misunderstanding. Actually, In-Dash MP3 Player AUX is a new form of entertainment, today’s information society, people are inseparable from the computer, especially the fashionable young people, including many young people, through the network for music and film, has become a way of life. Now many of the records in the CD MP3 products at the same time, by way of network and computer to download is too easy, never leave home can enjoy the the fun, why not?

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