Custom Builder Large Dog Motorcycles

on the eve of its 10th Anniversary, and with their ten,000th bike obtaining just left the factory, Large Dog Motorcycles has established itself because the biggest specialty motorcycle manufacturer in the country. The company’s growth has been phenomenal, and is a real American good results story.

The idea for Major Dog Motorcycles grew out in the need of Sheldon Coleman, of Coleman camping gear fame. Coleman simply wanted a rubber mounted Harley Davidson Fat Boy to ride cross-country using a group of his riding buddies. Those had been the days ahead of the Road King. So he constructed himself a nostalgic looking Harley, tamed with a rubber mounted engine along with other modifications for the trip. Several of Coleman’s riding buddies have been so impressed with his creation that they asked him to make bikes like that for them. So he started modifying and customizing bikes having a mechanic out of his personal garage in Wichita, Kan. However the requests kept coming in, so he sooner or later got a shop and hired a number of more men and women to help make his custom bikes.

Nowadays, Huge Dog Motorcycles has more than 175,000 square feet of production facilities with 320 staff. Inside the last 12 months they’ve added 145 new jobs, which makes Significant Dog Motorcycles a really vital part of the Wichita company neighborhood. They’ve also created an outstanding partnership with all the town. And considering that Wichita is such a big center for the aircraft market with firms like Cessna, LearJet, Raytheon, and Boeing possessing a major presence there, Large Dog Motorcycles is fortunate to have a big pool of highly skilled workers, engineers, and designers obtainable to assist make their organization even stronger.

Final year, Significant Dog Motorcycles sold almost 4,000 cruisers spread among six distinctive models. The Ridgeback and Pitbull are rigid models, while the Mastiff, Bulldog, Boxer, and Chopper have suspensions. This year the enterprise plans to build more than five,000 bikes.

I not too long ago had a possibility to sit down with Nick Messer, President of Major Dog Motorcycles, to acquire some insights in to the business and study why they’ve been able to grow so rapidly.

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