Why Fit You Car With A Cigarette Lighter

Imagine driving far away from the shops and you want to enjoy smoking a cigar and you have no matchbox? This situation has been experienced by many people. The only option they have is to turn back to the nearby shops or stay without taking their cigarettes. But you don’t need to worry anymore if your vehicle is fitted with a car cigarette lighter, as you can light it from the power socket. What are the benefits of having your car fitted with a cigarette lighter? The following are some of the benefits.
car cigarette lighter
Has a variety of uses
There are a number of devices which can be operated with a car cigarette lighter such as air compressors which are used for inflating the car tires, music system, lights and charging telephone batteries. It uses direct current (DC) to supply electric power to those devices.

Saves on your money and time
With a car cigarette lighter, you do not need to buy a matchbox which is usually misplaced after use. A car cigarette lighter contains a bimetallic strip which is the heating part that glows hot orange within seconds to light your cigarette.
car cigaretter lighterCan be fitted with other electrical appliances
These cigarette lighters can be fitted in new vehicles with USB connectors that can be a source of modest of 5 volts direct current (DC) and in such a situation the cigarette lighter receptacle can be provided with 12 volts direct current (DC) and other systems that may need higher current.

Used in a number of vehicles
These cigarette lighters are in widespread use by all cars even the cheapest cars and trucks. They are attached to the alligator clips and the cables which are then connected directly to the car batteries.

Eliminate the possibility of reversed polarity
Trickle chargers can be connected to a car cigarette lighter hence no need to lo leave your car’s hood open as the possibility to reverse polarity is minimal as charging is not possible while the cigarette lighter outlet is not switched on when you remove the ignition key.

Recharge car batteries
The male plug can be used to give power to your car to recharge its battery. This will enable your car ignition key to perform without the need to push the car to restart.
Following the above uses it’s clear now that you should go for a cigarette lighter receptacle system today if your car doesn’t have one, to enjoy the numerous benefits along with radio and lights to take advantage of these automotive electrical systems which are really fun.

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