Choosing A Good DVR, All In 1080P Car DVR

1080P Car DVRIn recent years, with the increasing of safety awareness, car DVR became to be use wider and wider. But how to choose a good DVR? Now, let us know something about 1080P car DVR. It is a serious of new type car DVR, it has different modes for choosing.

A good car DVR need to have some characters, a case study of the serious of 1080P car DVR.  Bugeye lens, have a wide angle view perspective can be reached on both sides of the front car, image won’t deformation, either left or right can be clearly visible, no dead angle. Built in big screen, a big screen can look at the scene of the accident immediately taken picture, at the scene of the accident of can play immediately, clarify the responsibility, reduce the dispute occurs. Record is not blank, no leakage seconds, built-in high-speed video compression processing chip, cigarette lighter is powered on or start the video and power outages will automatically save and turn it off, even in high speed vehicle, the picture is still very smooth, no leakage seconds.And important documents can set the write protect, marked as write protected file, will not make an introduction. Storage is the most simple. Products after the computer via a USB connection, the computer can read U disk model the inside of the product image file, easy backup application.

What’s more, this car DVR also has GPS & G-sensor function, motion dection and delay turn off function. Some of them even equipped with special suction cup holder, can rotate 360 degree, and easy to fix and use.

In addition to recording during the driving, 1080P car DVR also can be use in record your colorful life, if you are a riding or climbing enthusiast, you can install it on your helmet or other equipments to record the sporting time and splendid moment.

A good car DVR can guarantee your driving safety, choosing one to give yourself, to family, give the vehicle a more secure protection.

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