Choosing a car cigarette lighter that makes your life more convenient

According to a study carried out by the Harvard Health Watch, people spend an average of 101 minutes each day commuting to and from work or school. Fitting the right accessories in your car will not only allow you to perform a number of tasks while you drive, but also helps to make sitting in traffic a little less daunting. Considering this, you might want to pay more attention to the kind of accessories that you fit in your car. A car cigarette lighter is one such accessory.

Car Cigarette Lighter

A car cigarette lighter is a device that was initially designed to light cigarettes but is now commonly used to power accessories in or outside the vehicle. Here’s what you should consider when choosing the right Car Cigarette Lighter for your car:

  1. Safety features

Safety should be paramount when choosing the best lighter sockets to fit in your car. The device should be fitted with a fuse to prevent overcharging and overheating so as to protect both you and your electronics. Also look out for FCC, CE, ROHS and ISO9001 Certification to ensure it abides by high safety standards. Other specifications you should pay attention to make sure that the device is absolutely safe are:

*Surge protection

*Over voltage protection

*Over current protection

*Short circuit protection

*Overload protection


  1. On and off switches

Presence of individual on/off switches is another factor that you should definitely consider. This will reduce the need of pulling the chargers in and out of the sockets which leads to wear and tear of the chargers and adapters.

Car Cigarette Lighter

  1. Sockets and USB ports

Most charging devices such as smartphone chargers and GPS units use USB ports for charging. You will need to look for the availability of USB ports on the lighter socket as well as to consider how many of them you’ll need. Depending on how many devices you’ll need to charge at a go, this will dictate the type of socket you should look for. Choose a lighter socket with enough USB ports to suit your needs.


Also, consider the amount of voltage that passes through the ports. For example, ports with 2.4A can charge your devices at a relatively high speed as compared to USB ports with lower amperes. You could also look for a socket that has different amounts of current passing through each port so that in the case where you don’t want to overload the device, you could use the port with less voltage passing through it.

Car Cigarette Lighter

  1. Design

There are two designs that you can choose from. They include: Fixed car cigarette lighter splitters and the ones that used a power cord. Fixed cigarette lighters are generally compact and their design tends to blend well with the car’s design. However, they have fewer USB ports or sockets. Those with a power code can extend to the back seat which is a huge advantage. You will, however, need to secure it or position it properly so it won’t be thrown around while you’re driving. They also come with more USB ports or sockets as compared to the fixed car cigarette lighters. With the above tips in mind, you are bound to get value for your money as you choose the right device to suit your needs.

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