Cheap DVR K6000 Is The King Of Night Vision

Many car DVR in the current market are mainly sale by the high definition resolution. But most of them are can not be use very well at night, because their ability of night vision is not enough well. Cheap DVR K6000 is a kind of car DVR that designed for driving at night.

The definition of the image for a car DVR is very important. If the car DVR can not shoot clear picture, then it will lose value. In general, the definition need to have at least 1080 P then the car DVR can shoot the clear enough car number. Cheap DVR K6000 uses the market the highest specifications of the dynamic Full HD 1080 p high-definition video. It is a 5.0 mp high sensitive low illumination shooting lens, with a very well shoot effectivity at night. It uses a wide dynamic display technology, in the evening when there is a light that can reduce glare. In addition, it also has G-sensor.Cheap DVR K6000

After Cheap DVR K6000 is installed, can record the car the whole process of video images and sound, the sensitivity of the sensor can be set within the impact, the impact of the when the outside world is greater than the set value, leading to the impact of the data will be recorded, can provide evidence for the traffic accident. This car DVR has a 2.7 inch ultra big display screen, when the accident happened can record video playback, accident responsibility be clear at a glance, traffic accident and fast processing. It can quickly evacuated from the scene to restore the traffic, and keep the effective evidence, to create a safe and smooth traffic environment. The users who like self-driving traveling also can use it to record the process for you to overcome the difficulty in the period.

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