Car Interior Dome Lights for Better Appearance and Performance

Car Interior Dome LightsIt’s late at night and you want to go home. You step into your vehicle and drop your keys. Shoot! You can’t see anything with this car interior dome lights. Conventional car interior lights are often unreliable. Carrying a flashlight with you is one solution to your problem or you can replace your conventional car interior light bulbs with the latest Super Bright LED Lights.

LED, Light Emitting Diode, can provide brighter lighting outputs at the same time are cleaner and more efficient than regular car bulbs. LED car bulbs are more efficient because they are not made by a regular metal filament and glass bulb. Aside from LED’s quality of material, they also possess other properties that provide useful functions to a driver’s convenience.

Because the LED car bulbs do not possess fragile metal filaments and glass bulbs they are far longer lasting than the standard light bulbs. The LED car light bulbs can run over 50,000 hours. This means you will probably end up switching to a new car before your LED’s run out of power. LED bulbs come in a variety of forms and colors from red, white to blue. They can be replaced for overhead lights, door lights, maps lights, and boot lights.
Car Interior Dome Lights
LED car bulbs range from all sizes and shapes. LED’s come in dome bulbs, wedge bulbs, and festoon bulbs. Bulbs designed specifically for areas such as license plate lights or courtesy lights require wedge or festoon LED bulbs. The wedge and festoon LED bulbs contain 1-4 individual LED chips. Areas such as overhead interior or boot require more light use dome bulbs which contain 12-24 individual LED chips.

If you begin to upgrade your light bulbs to LED’s, you should start with the main interior overhead light first. Once you have replaced the overhead light you will realize just how great of a difference the interior of your car looks. Replacing the rest of your car’s interior will completely improve the entire lighting. LED bulbs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors so they provide convenient replacement in all areas of lighting.
Car Interior Dome LightsLED bulbs are a new and a fast growing technology in the automotive industry. They are the most effective and convenient way to upgrade your car lighting. Replace your standard interior light bulbs with car LED bulbs today and you will notice the improved appearance and performance.

Here is a car interior dome lights you can check out. It is just $ 1.99 for each such light. They come with small size but strong light. And they feature long life, low power consumption, easy installation which is just about plug and play.

Car Interior Dome Lights Specs:
Power: 1W/Led
Voltage: DC 12V
Lumen: 3-4LM/Led
LED Type: 3528-24-SMD
Color Temperature: 6000-8000K

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