Car Headlight Repair and Maintenance Tips

With time, car bulbs may spoil when exposed to storm, sun, dirt etc or due to physical damage and when dim or burned up. A driver has to see what is ahead of him/her especially during the night or adverse weather for the safety of everyone on board. Therefore, the bulb should function constantly. To ensure that the headlight is always in good condition, repair and maintenance are paramount. The following are tips to carry out the procedure:

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1.Wear gloves when touching the bulb

Protective gear is important during repair and installation for your safety. It prevents direct exposure to harmful chemical elements. When doing headlight repair, your bare hands should not handle the bulbs, particularly if it is halogen type. Thus,  you should always put on latex gloves.

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2. Remember to loosen the headlight bulb strainer

In most cases, the strainer holds the bulb in the correct place like the high and low beam position. The bulb’s high beam should always face down so it can shine up and vice versa for the low beam part in halogen lights. During maintenance, slacken the strainer (commonly threaded) so that the bulb comes out easily after unplugging the connectors otherwise it will spoil.

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3. Use bulb grease appropriately

During maintenance, use the headlight bulbs grease under the rubber and the ring that seals the bulb in the housing. You can also apply the grease properly on the connections. It keeps them clean and free of moisture and corrosion. When applying the lubricant, ensure it does not touch the bulb because it will cause a hotspot. And it will make the bulb blow early. In case the grease touches the bulb by mistake, wipe it out with a clean cloth soaked in alcohol.

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4.Remember the bolts type and location.

Sometimes, you might need to remove the headlight casing to repair the bulbs. To avoid confusion if you are not a guru, remember the type and the position your unfastened bolts or screws. It will make it easy when putting back the bulb and the housing.

5.Skip no replacement procedure

As outlined in the change manuals, follow the installation process religiously to have a successful repair. The common technique is first locating the bulb holder through the engine section by opening the car bonnet. Secondly, you disconnect the electric wires and unscrew the plastic strainer and remove the old bulb. Replace it with a new one then put it back as removed.

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Keep in mind the above tips during maintenance. After repair, check if the bulb is working by putting them on. Ensure you always change the headlight bulbs in pairs for lighting uniformity.


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