Car HD 1080P DVR Give You Intimate Protection

HD 1080P K5000 Car DVR Camcorder Dash Camera Loop Recording G-SensorAs we know, car HD 1080P DVR has five main functions and usages. Prevent blackmail, prevent touch porcelain, put a false accusation. As the video and image evidences, provide the evidences to polices for divide the accident responsibility. To record the views and interesting things during the journey. Clarify the false accusation for the citizens who have a sense of justice. To record the value news in time in the sudden when the press can not arrive the scene.
Car HD 1080P DVR uses the h. 264 coding technique, not only quality is exquisite, can effective coding, make video video files smaller, with a longer video time. It can shoot super high dynamic range, strengthen the high contrast, backlight, at night, no light, heavy rain, heat insulation paper environment such as video clarity, sharper image quality give ordinary recorder. Using surveillance class, video ability more clear than ordinary recorder, especially in high contrast with no light environment, present excellent night take quality. Driving the implementation in an important, too many implementation barriers usually is the main cause of the accident, the DVR  has the visual obstacle of tiny, mention of lightweight, easy to carry, easy to install.
In addition, Car HD 1080P DVR also has three main intimate protections. First one is G-sensor. To feel the change of center of gravity by G-sensor, both crash and tap are can be feel then emergency video and lock in the recording. The second is emergency locking. In normal driving and normal video, found that the dangerous or unexpected things, press the MODE automatically lock when the period of video, make sure not covered by cycle. The third is the battery protection. When the machine has overload protection hardware such as voltage, that power too strong or abnormal, the machine will automatically power off. To avoid explosion of machine, overheating or other accidents.

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