Car Dvr K8000 is not only beautiful but also powerful

When I got the Car Dvr K8000, I thought it was an ordinary DV. Because it is too much like the shape of DV, which is the household-type camera we generally used. But it is very good and convenient that installed it in the car. Especially the high definition camera will record all of my trip, and the screen can play what we have recorded.

Car Dvr K8000On the shape of Car Dvr K8000, we can see that its shape is similar with video camera we used at home. So it is convenient to those car owners who have not used DVR in the past. In appearance, it looks very beautiful. With the tone of black, looks so cool and elegant. Furthermore, the screen of this DVR can be rotated 270 degrees, just the DV we used in daily life. In addition, its buttons are reasonably distributed at the edge,but also it can facilitate our operations.

Compared with other DVR, Car Dvr K8000 is using the latest version of the tachograph program, makes it much stable performance. It comes with a 5 megapixel CMOS camera, can shoot 1080P HD pictures. Also it supports that recording video with 120-degree wide-angle that can shoot to a wider range of images. When it is recording, it supports 4x zoom, allows us to take more clear pictures or shoot the picture with wide vision. In addition, it supports the multi-player mode. I often go out by driving my car. It can record what I saw on the road. When I back home, I can connect it to the HD monitor, LCD TV with the function of HDMI outputting. Also it is convenient to connect to the computer. Some valuable videos will be stored in my computer. When I am in leisure time, I can replay it for fun.

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