Car DVR Camera 6 IR ensures your safety while driving at night

Car DVR Camera 6 IRAccording to incomplete statistics, severe night driving accidents take 50 percents of the total traffic accidents every year, while 70 percent accidents were caused by bad night visibility during the process of driving. Thus, we need a Car DVR Camera 6 IR to reduce the accidents possibility. As long as you drive, you need pay full attention to surrounding objects for the sake of your personal safety. Especially when driving at night, lots of people tend to be very hurry and sometimes ignore potential dangers. Installing the car dvr camera will lighten your road ahead within a controllable range.

As long as I am concerned, the most innocent death is caused by car accidents. Perhaps we were doomed to be dead since we were born, but how could you be so careless about your personal safety while you are beloved by your parents, children and friends? Maybe there is no way for your to slow down, Car DVR Camera 6 IR could reduce bad accident to some extents. It allows 150m visual range at night and flexible adjustment about its focal distance in line with your driving speed. Even in very dark place, the light sensor will automatically adjust the light to provide you with HD recording. Cooperated with inbuilt GPS locating module, the car viewer could reach auto-focusing. The angle of view will get more wider when driving at low speed, while you can see very far through relatively narrow angle of view when driving at high speed.

In addition, the strong light correlation is DVR 6 IRanother vital reason to cause night traffic accidents. Although we are required high moral of driving, but there is no denying that we can not avoid every strong light shining at street. To better protect ourselves, we need a Car DVR Camera 6 IR which could quickly capture the light source and weaken it, effectively sweeping out any possibility to get you into accidents. Actually it ensures more function at day driving, anyway, I strongly suggest you installing a car dvr camera if you drive frequently.

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