Car Dashboard Phone Holder: Make You Drive Safer

As I know, most of us will be puzzled at the question that how to fix our phone in our car stably especially when the mobile phone is treated as a GPS.So is there anything can help us get rid of this embarrassing situation?Of course, my answer is yes. Where there is a demand, there is a supply. Car dashboard phone holder is designed to bring you more convenience when driving.

What is car vent phone holder exactly for?

Car Dashboard Phone Holder

Actually, it is a tool that many drivers have set up in their cars for the placement of mobile phones for convenience. It is quite useful and convenient. Up to now, there are a lot of car dashboard phone holders flooding the market. In general, these car vent phone holders are divided into three types according to the different fixing methods. They are respectively sucker type, mounted type and stuck in the air outlet type. Each of them has their own features and benefits.

SHUNWEI car dashboard phone holders is a sucker type. The holder can be compatible with different sizes devices and can be up to 205mm in breadth. Even though the structure is so simple but it is quite user-friendly. With the 360°rotating bead and 180°up and down adjustment, this holder could be rotated in every angle. It means that when you take a rest in your car, you can watch movies from the ipad in vertical or horizontal angle just as you like.

Car Dashboard Phone Holder

And the other type of SHUNWEI SD-1118J is a kind of holder that set up in the air outlet with a strong magnetic part in its body to help you suck your phone tightly. Of course, it can rotate in any angle. The most different part of it is this one should be installed in automobile air vent. In this way, your phone will never block your view of the road, which is much more safer type.

Car Dashboard Phone Holder

No matter which type, all of them help you operate in one hand to support you as much convenience as it could.

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