Do you have a car charger?

Nowadays, most of us can’t operate without having our cell phones, they have turned into a necessity within our everyday lives. Long-term use of our cell phones often empties the battery out, and without a car charger we would be helpless. A cell phone without having power source is similar to a rock on your hand, utterly useless, except if you intend to use it as a weapon of course. There are few types of cell phone car chargers available today they usually vary from universal chargers, rapid chargers to trickle chargers. And I want to introduce about the USB car chargers.

car chargerUSB car chargers are devices that are plugged into the accessory or cigarette lighter outlet in a car.  They are great for charging cellphones and gadgets on the road during a long car trip and they help eliminate this problem because they allow you to recharge your smart phone without leaving or stopping your car. Furthermore, this device has a USB port where you can plug in a cell phone or GPS unit. Some people use USB car chargers to provide power to GPS units, but a USB car charger is more commonly used to charge cell phones and other gadgets with USB cables.

All USB car chargers have a cigarette lighter adapter for connecting to the cigarette lighter outlet of a car. At the other end of a USB car charger is Mini USB plug or socket for connecting devices. USB car chargers come in different configurations based on the voltage, number of USB ports, and lengths of the attached charging cables. A USB car charger with two USB ports is called a dual USB car charger. There are Even though USB car chargers come in various types and models, their basic function is the same: to allow the recharging of devices in cars using the cigarette lighter outlet.

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