Car Camera and its Benefits

Be it your home, business, or family; you always want complete security for each one of them! You take appropriate measures at home, select hotels with apt security arrangements, and so on. So, why to leave your car unprotected? Yes! You can safeguard your car with a dash cam or a car camera.
Justifying its name, a car camera sticks on the dashboard or on the windscreen and records everything inside & around the car. The dash camera not only helps in providing evidence in case of an accident, but also proves to be useful in many other ways.
Here is a deeper insight into the uses of the car cameras:

car camera

However careful you are when out on the road the same can’t be said for other road users. If someone for instance cuts you up causing an accident, you would be able to show the true story via your camera recording.
If you are in a contact accident the movement triggers the camera to record a new file on the Micro SD card, marking it as sensor recording. This file is not overwritten like normal files, but only when the card is reformatted on your computer.
If a child or animal steps straight out in front of you without warning, you would want to be able to prove you weren’t negligent, wouldn’t you?
Whatever the incident it could prove very costly with your insurance company, the police or both. The cost of protection would be worth it when you consider mo

Increased Vehicle Security
Drivers that park their vehicles in public places and return to their vehicle to find scratches, scuffs and general vehicle damage caused by other careless drivers or minor vandalism can now capture these moments. Vital number plate information can also be recorded by  car cameras in the event of a ‘hit and run’ incident.

If you employ sales reps, drivers or are one yourself the camera could be invaluable for recording your journey for your protection in any number of situations.

Traffic Violations
If you are accused of running a red light, or now with the new law change, an orange light, you have dated and timed proof to prove your innocence.
The camera also records driving speeds so that you can have proof of the speed you were travelling. If you aren’t the one driving the car, again you have a video of the inside of the car so your licence doesn’t get penalised.

Crash for Cash Claims
Many insurance companies suggest that Crash for Cash claims (purposeful accidents) are largely responsible for the increase in insurance premiums across the UK and Europe. In-car cameras can record such fraudulent events and can help to reduce insurance premiums by assisting insurance companies in the recognition and prosecution of false cash for crash incident. Some insurance companies are already beginning to offer drivers 5%-20% discounts on their annual insurance policies if they have such devices fitted to their vehicles.

At last there is a decent car camera available at which will record what happens outside and inside the car. It not only gives you video and sound, but the exact GPS location of any incident, using Google Maps. Essential for police evidence, the time and date is also recorded.

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