Bright Ways to Facilitate Your Nighttime Driving

Halogen bulbs are quite common in car headlights even today, but there is little doubt that their LED counterparts are quickly gaining popularity. While halogen bulbs offer the key benefits of long lifespan and low replacement costs, the advantages of using LED car headlights are many more. Not only do the LED bulbs provide improved illumination with greater beam focus, but they also brighten poorly lit roads 25% better than the halogen ones. With their whiter and brighter lights, here are three LED car headlight bulbs that you can choose from to illuminate your road ahead.

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72W, 8000LM COB LED Headlight Bulbs for Cars

Boasting a high lighting potency, these two aluminium alloy and copper headlight bulbs with COB LED chips to pack in the brightness of 4000 LM each at an energy-efficient wattage of 36 watts per bulb. They feature a robust two ball fan for accelerated cooling, are shockproof and water-resistant for use on different surfaces and seasons, come with low voltage protection, and last for more than 30000 hours to give you decent longevity. Buy these headlight bulbs at an irresistible offer price with a 77% discount.

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Nighteye A344 LED Car Headlight Bulbs

Improve safety while driving at night with the Nighteye A344 LED headlight bulbs featuring LED beads that offer 30% better light efficiency. These bulbs start instantly, penetrate better in rainy or foggy conditions, and resist water and dust for increased durability. With an aviation aluminium construction for quick heat dissipation, 360-degree light emitting angle, and low energy consumption, these are the headlight bulbs to have when you take on uncharted roads on harsh nights. With a 37% discount, these bulbs certainly make for a steal of a deal.

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Nighteye S2 COB LED Car Headlight Bulbs

Made using imported COB LED chips, these headlight bulbs offer high, white luminance with a better light focus for less eye fatigue and with a lifespan of 100000 hours. The aerospace aluminium construction of these bulbs combined with two 12000 RPM ball fans helps in 50% faster heat dissipation for longevity. These IP68 waterproof bulbs are suitable for use in different seasons. Boasting the constant current driver feature, these headlight bulbs easily control and stabilize the current within a given range for an extended lifespan. These instant start bulbs ensure no delay and impact due to powerful current for enhanced driving safety and battery life. Enjoy better penetration and 30% brighter light with these bulbs when driving in not-so-friendly road conditions. Buy these headlight bulbs at nearly half the price with the 55% discount on offer.

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What’s more, all the three headlight bulbs are plug-and-play for quick installation and are available with a 2-year warranty. While the first and the third types of LED headlight bulbs provide the popular and preferred 6500K white light, the second one from Nighteye functions at three different colour temperatures of 3000K 6500K, and 8000K for better performance. Choose any one among these three pairs of car headlight bulbs and avail of the juicy discounts to get the best value for money.

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