Bluetooth Car Stereo for 39.99 dollars

bluetooth car stereo

Some cars may don’t have stereo system at all. For those car owners, there is a good solution now. You can buy a bluetooth car stereo. This FM transmitter also player has the size of 188*150*58mm(wide*deep*height), pretty big, compared to those mini Bluetooth speaker. I just thought it is a DVD or VCD at the first sight.

This bluetooth car stereo looks kinda solid and mechanic. There is no special cover or something but panels. But i do admit such design is good for heat dissipation. The main operation surface is just like that of the car stereo system with some solid buttons and the LCD screen. But what makes this bluetooth car stereo different from most car stereo system is the USB port, SD card slot, and other extra functions it got.
bluetooth car stereoThis bluetooth car stereo supports FM radio, and provide automatic frequency adjustment. The FM frequency range is about 87.5 to 108 MHZ, so you can almost receive all the channels you like. Coming with SD card slot, it supports MP3, WMA, WAV and APE file playback from USB or SD card up to 32GB. You can store all songs you like 32GB SD card, almost. What’s more, as a Bluetooth device, it definitely supports hands-free calling, answering or hanging up the phone after you connect them via bluetooth. There are hang-up button as well as answering button on the board. And of course, it supports Bluetooth music playing from cellphone, which is one of a basic functions of a Bluetooth player.
bluetooth car stereo bluetooth car stereo
But what on earth makes you choose such a big thing not the mini speaker? Firstly, the function factor. Usually, the mini speaker within its price range don’t have functions as many as those of bluetooth car stereo. Most of them don’t support FM and Bluetooth music playing at the same time. And this player also comes with real time clock, electronic preset equalizer control. Secondly, the module factor. This player has subwoofer jack so that you can connect it with your family or car stereo system to play songs with mind-blowing effect. And with the antenna jack, you can get better FM signal. And there is a big and clear LCD screen.

By the way, i haven’t got any review of this player yet, if you have got one of this, please tell me what you think about it. I will appreciate that.:)

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