BlitzWolf K3, the new released product from banggood

In June 16, 2015, released its newest product, one type of car jump starter called BlitzWolf K3. And it announces that it can jump start any 3L engine and it is a safety starter for your trip. Then, I would like to introduce you something about it.
BlitzWolf K3 car jump starterIt is a car jump starter which is suitable for the automobiles with an engine size below 4.0L for gasoline engines and below 2.0L for diesel engines. It is a life saver, money saver and time saver that makes sure you and your loved ones can get home with stranded. As for me, it is a practical and useful tool that you can carry it out anywhere and anytime.
BlitzWolf K3 car jump starterWhat’ s more, BlitzWolf K3 is not just a jump starter, while it can be used to power the mobile phone, tablet, handheld gaming device, MP3 player, camera and almost any USB powered device. Besides, as the emergency LED torch, it is also your pretty good choice and you even can press the power button makes the LED light in the SOS strobe mode.
BlitzWolf K3 car jump starterIn concluded, according to the news, BlitzWolf K3 will be sold in the early July in and it also has different upcoming promotions and sales. If you are interested it it, you can go to the banggood website and know more detailed information. In addition, this blog is also following the latest trends of it, and you can search afterwards.

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