BlitzWolf BW-L1: An Environmental Friendly USB Solar Charger

When we go outside, how to charge our electronic devices always troubles us. Maybe you will say that we can prepare a power bank to help us solve this problem. However, the power bank is heavy and it could not provide us with the continuous power supplying. As a result, I would like to recommend a nice product to you. It is the environmental friendly USB Solar Charger called BlitzWolf BW-L1. Generally speaking, foldable, portable and powerful are three key features of it.

USB Solar Charger

Designs and Shows

It is specially made to travel, which allows you to fold down into a paper-sized package. It was measured the dimensions of 270*150*28mm when it closed. Besides, it weighs at less than a pound.

Moreover, it has three pieces of solar panels to offer max 3A current when you unfold it under direct sunlight. By the way, the design of dual USB ports is to allow you to charge two electronic devices simultaneously. Exclusive Power 3S Technology it owns, will offer the fastest charging current and safest use. As a result, it is suitable for various brands of smartphones, such as iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, etc.

USB Solar Charger

Sun Power Transformation Efficiency

Compared with other similar products on the market to have about 15% or less sun power transmission efficiency, it has the more powerful conversion of up to 21.5% to 23.5%.

If the sun fades so that there is no enough light to charge your devices, it will automatically restart charging when the sunlight becomes strong enough. You even can use it on cloudy days.

USB Solar Charger

Easy to Use

It is easy and convenient for you to use. That just needs three steps. Firstly, pull it out of your package. Secondly, connect it with your devices. Lastly, set it under direct sunlight. By the way, there are some tips to protect your devices when you charge them. You could put your devices in the pocket of this product. In other words, you should keep your devices out of the sunlight.

USB Solar Charger


To sum up, BlitzWolf BW-L1 is foldable, portable and powerful so that it is suitable for outdoor use. Besides, it provides you with the fastest charging current when you charge your devices because it adopts the advanced Power 3S Technology. Most importantly, it is easy to use, which allows you to charge your devices anywhere anytime. Go traveling with this excellent product, you will enjoy your trip!

USB Solar Charger

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