Blackview GS65H car DVR camera – your loyal defender


If you are looking for an affordable car digital video recorder (DVR) camera, the market today is loaded with a range of these cameras that all boast of smart technology. With so many options available in the stores for you to choose from, buying a smart DVR car camera can be an overwhelming experience.


While there are decent options available, the Blackview GS65H provides you with that peace of mind because on one hand it is fully loaded with all the necessary features that one can ask for from a DVR car camera, on the other, it also provides many other features that other DVR car cameras lack in this price range.

Blackview GS65H


It comes equipped with a full HD camera (1080p) that is front facing and a 720p camera that is rear facing. These two cameras help to record every single activity from inside and outside of your vehicle so you and your family are fully secure at all times. Because of its high-resolution system of 1080p/720p, the picture quality of the video recording is crystal clear and helps you review every detail carefully. The Blackview GS65H also comprises a 2.4” display that is larger than what many other car DVR cameras offer and lets you enjoy instant video viewing and playback.

Blackview GS65H


Some of the other features that the Blackview GS65H car camera comes loaded with are loop-cycle recording, GPS navigation, automatic power on and off and motion detection distance of about 5 to 10 meters, among many others. Its wide angle of around 150 degrees helps make recording activities in a wide area possible. Using the latest wide dynamic technology, this DVR camera is capable of recording clearer images even when the light in the surrounding is low.



The Blackview GS65H also has the built-in Sony IMX 323 gravity sensor and the Novatek 96655 chip that help in superb vision in the evenings and night time. The 150-degree wide angle lens lets you see more of the scene with each capture and gives you more of a perspective. When your vehicle is not in use and the engine is shut down, this smart DVR car camera goes into the dormant mode. However, the beauty is that as soon as any activity is sensed in or outside your vehicle, the camera is switched on automatically and will start recording automatically. When the activity in the surrounding finishes, the camera returns to its dormant state.

 Blackview GS65H


The Blackview GS65H car DVR camera gives you the extremely comprehensive video evidence with its built-in accelerometer, critical moment capturing pictures and highly sensitive touch collision. Some of the extra features it offers that make the Blackview GS65H even more appealing are its small light design, card memory storage of a maximum of 64GB, HDMI-enabled full HD video transmission and time-stamped video capturing for easy reference.


So look no further, with its feature-packed capacity you will never be disappointed with this purchase of a smart DVR car camera.


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