Best DVR K6000 With G-Sensor

Whenever the traffic occurs, the same words always appear again and again. Clearly this is the case, but once in every possible way from each other, knowing that this is not the case, but unable to refute the evidence presented. When the traffic police arrived on the scene to deal with, also can with the scene of the accident and the two sides, both sides map the scene of the accident. In this time, you need to have a best DVR K6000. It is a kind of car DVR, it can record image and video by start the engine, through the photographic lens to totally record the image and voice during driving. When the accident occurs, it can provide the evidence in the frist time, to guarantee the driver self entitlement.

best DVR K6000Best DVR K6000 has a 5.0 mp high definition photographic lens, the video resolution is up to 1920*1080. It is the original lens from Taiwan, it can four time digital zoom, make no any dead angle in recording. Using the exclusive HD-CODE Intel Clear Video technology, even in loop video also never leak seconds. Built-in high-definition HDMI interface, can high speed transmission without compression signal to watch. Besides, it also equipped with G-sensor, when the car collision or emergency braking, the equipment will be preserved as an emergency video folder in the event. Adopt with a 2.7 inch ultra big display screen, when the accident can be real-time video playback, restore the truth, your evidence.

Because best DVR K6000 using a wide angle photographic lens, it can make a high definition video, the video of the video can be directly on the vehicle traveling data recorder’s own screen playback or copy to your computer. It also can be a household DV, you can use it to record every fantastic moment.

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