Why We Should Use Car Cigarette Lighter

Technological advancement used to be gradual in the past but due to improved technical skills and sophisticated research equipment, it is getting advanced often. A car cigarette lighter is one of the greatest discovery, very useful to manufacturers and engineers.
Thanks to a German inventor Friedrich Wilhelm Schindler who invented an electrical cigar-lighter and later patented in the early 1880s. Since its inception in 188os, it has evolved through time yielding several forms of cigar-lighters. This device was initially designed to power electronically heated cigarette lighter but it was not convenient to power mobile devices and other portable devices.
car cigarette lighter
A common notable icon in a cigar lighter is the cigarette lighter receptacle common to trucks and other heavy automobiles, operating as a DC power supply. This device is not efficient because of its bulkiness, poor contact reliability, and relatively lower current rating.
A car cigarette lighter comprises of a nichrome coiled wire heated by a powerful electrical current until it glows. Now, when a driver pushes the cigar lighter, it pushes the device into an electric receptacle which allows the current to heat the coil. When the lighter has become hot, the metallic strip bend away, allowing the device to pop back out for use.
However, electrical receptacles can also be used to power small electric devices, in this case, some specialized adapter plugs fit into the receptacle and get in touch with the contact points which is inside, completing the circuit and therefore supplying power for the attached device.
Car Cigarette Lighter
Cell phones and other portable electronic devices usually come along with cigar-lighter adapters, therefore, allowing users to charge their batteries while driving. These receptacles are commonly used to power small air compressors which then allow drivers to inflate their tires without seeking assistance.
With the latest advancement in technology, cigarette lighters have been replaced with USB sockets or standardized electrical socket but still, cigarette lighters are available as an option. Some of the common features of this device include: plug and play property, Red LED property, compatible voltage(12v/24v) and fine workmanship and its conspicuous outlook.Car Cigarette Lighter
The device is much advantageous, it is easily affordable. Unlike the USB device as a complement of a cigarette lighter, it is cheaper and that is why most car operators prefer cigarette lighters than USB device. Again, its composition is relatively simple, any malfunction requires lesser technique to be repaired.
However, the compatibility nature of this device is paramount. It can fit any car without any problem since it is designed uniformly with almost relative and equal voltage,12v or 24 v.
This car cigarette lighter is much beneficial to us. It allows us to keep communication flowing since it can charge our cell phones and even mini laptops while driving. It’s also helpful in maintaining our cars just like in inflating tires. It is, therefore, recommendable for car user to use car cigarette lighters. Choose car cigarette lighter, choose minimum or no problems!!
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