Audew 120W Vacuum Cleaner Review

With regards to vacuuming your vehicle, in case you’re in any way similar to me, you can rapidly be put-off by the weight of utilizing your home vacuum cleaner and it’s numerous connections, and need to then discover an extension cable in light of the fact that the house vacuum simply isn’t sufficiently long to arrive at your vehicle.


Thanks to improving innovation we are currently seeing different remote handheld vacuum cleaners that suck somewhat better and last somewhat more than the old dust busters we are accustomed to utilizing back in the last part of the 90s to mid 00s.

The Audew Handheld Cordless Vaccum is such a cordless vacuum that no just is convenient around the house, it helps ease the burden when the need to hoover your vehicle comes around.

In the box you’ll discover the lightweight cordless vacuum itself, an extension hose that joins to the front, a long nose attachment, a brush nose attachment, a power wall adapter to charge the gadget and a helpful convey case to keep the primary unit and every one of these connections in a single spot.

The Design and Build

The cordless vacuum and accessories all fit for its case that is the size of 38x14x13cm. It seems like the little soccer boot sack I used to convey to school. A carry handle is sewed to the highest point of the zipped case, which assists with moving it around. It’s absolute weight including all extras for the case is 760g, while the handheld vacuum itself weighs only a simple 500g.


Driving the AUDEW Vacuum on and off is just done by sliding the switch at the highest point of the handle forward and in reverse. In front of this power switch is a button that when depressed will unlatch the dirt gathering plastic nose to discharge its substance and furthermore give you admittance to its stainless steel HEPA filter at whatever point it requires cleaning.


Battery Life

Audew handheld vacuums cordless utilizes a fast charge tech, it requires just around 3-4 hours to energize it. Also, the 2200mAh huge capacity lithium-ion battery guarantees a steady work as long as 30 minutes. It implies you could tidy up the entirety of your rooms once completely charge.


Lower Noise and Powerful Suction

Audew handheld vacuum cleaner is built-in cyclone innovation which gives a ceaseless powerful suction. It is effective in cleaning not just dust, paper scraps but also little stones and fluids. Simultaneously, it performs well in noise reduction, lower than 70dB.


Complete 3 nozzles and All-round Clean

Audew handheld vacuums is outfitted with 5 distinct nozzles to treat various places. Containing 2 short adapters to help interface accessories. Crevice nozzle is for thin gaps, corners and fluids. The brush nozzle is for cleaning hairs on floor covering or bed. And the soft tube could assist with arriving at corners and high places. Regardless of in home, office or vehicle, you will consistently discover that its simple to tidy up with this vacuum.


Durable filter and Easy to Clean

The channel of the AUDEW 120W Vacuum Cleaner is made of stainless steel and wipe which is reusable  and washable. You could simple to press the release button when the dust tank is full.Take off the HEPA filter and clean it with the brush or wash it with water at that point.


Please note: kindly don’t sink the machine into the water in the event of short circuit.


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Audew 120W Vacuum Cleaner Review
Article Name
Audew 120W Vacuum Cleaner Review
Keeping your car clean can be a difficult task to accomplish especially when you have little kids littering the whole place. This is where the handheld electric Vacuum cleaner comes handy. In this article, I will be reviewing the AUDEW 120W Vacuum Cleaner so that you can discover what it it has to offer.

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