The Attractive Of Automobile GPS Tracking Device

Automobile GPS Tracking Device also called car positioning tracker, mainly automotive anti-theft GPS products, is to use the tracker host receives the GPS signal in space, after the GPS signal analysis to calculate the geodetic coordinates, and then through the GSM/CDMA wireless network to the location of the report of the monitoring center of a pointing device.It generally includes the functions of text location, timing, location, network inquiry, remote monitoring and remote lock the car, etc.

Of the world’s smallest Automobile GPS Tracking Device, which is the car location tracking volume only matchbox size, avoid the car down the line, just pick up the car battery plus or minus two wires, can locate, reserved for real-time vehicle tracking vehicles in the three months to the route, can print Chinese address forms for reporting statistics, of vehicle automatic real-time positioning, it can locate interval timing track record car conform, no need professional technicians to install, anyone can be done within 5 minutes. In the target vehicle is stolen or robbed in an emergency, such as mobile phones or computers are available, and query the vehicle location, tracking and real-time vehicle moving route, allow you to easily find the car, caught the robber.

Automobile GPS Tracking DeviceWith built-in GPS module and a mobile communication terminal module, GPS module is used to obtain the location data from mobile communication module (GSM/GPRS network) to a server on the Internet, which can realize the query on the computer terminal location. Automobile GPS Tracking Device can be used to control any trace of the children and the elderly, highway patrol, precious cargo tracking, tracking and service dispatch, private detective tools, personal belongings tracking, pet tracking, wildlife tracking, freight industry, car alarm, burglar bicycle, electric car alarm, motorcycle alarm, bank, military police exercise control, check the tracking, fleet management, etc.

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