Advantages of Having a Dashboard Cam in your Car

In the past, car camera recorders were not as popular as they are today. Partly because their advantages have been well known and recognized have. This camera is designed to capture every image, sound, and activity taking place in the car. Some drivers install it rear and forward-facing. here are some of the advantages of using the car camera recorder.

car camera recorder

The first evidence in a car accident.

This is the main reason why many drivers install dash cameras. The camera starts recording immediately the car starts moving but most of the car’s record on a loop which means that the car replaces the new footage on the old one. These cameras, provide real and efficient time in case of an accident. If you are involved in an accident and there is proof that you are not in the wrong, it will provide evidence.

Captures crime

Some dash cameras have a unique feature that works like that of a car alarm. This means that it allows that the camera can turn on or be stand by if there is a motion in the car. This feature helps to capture unexpected crimes.

For concerned parents

For the parents who lead their teenage children’s cars, this dash cam will help parents know if their children are practicing unsafe driving or identify if there were unexpected passengers in the car. Some cameras come with a GPS feature which helps them know the real-time location and the places they have been visiting.

car camera recorder

Capture bad driving

Being on the road, it is normal to meet undisciplined drivers who are careless and drunk. Reporting such drivers to the police officers or concerning insurance, can be very hectic especially when you have no proof. The dashcam also covers the footage of the road. This footage comes in hand incase these drivers cause damage to other drivers. This means that it will be very easy to report them to their insurance covers or to the police.


Having a dashcam is something very good because they record every critical situation. Therefore it is advisable to have it in order to even save time in case of a crime or an accident. They come in affordable price and in different models in the market. So it is advisable to have it installed.

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